Press release writing services offer professional drafting services for press releases that follow standard formatting guidelines. We researched the top 15 press release writing services, narrowing our list to the top six based on cost, features, delivery time, writers, and customer service in order to determine who each service was right for, including the best overall.

Top 6 Press Release Writing Services

Press Release Writing ServiceBest For
eReleases(Best Overall) Small businesses looking for packaged writing and distribution services
Rightly WrittenBusinesses that need custom pricing for shorter releases
Corp WritingCorporations needing press releases for B2B communication
Get a CopywriterBusinesses that want to pick their own press release writer
CopifyCompanies looking for industry-specific press release writers
Content Development ProsSmaller businesses needing budget-friendly press release writing and, as needed, distribution

How We Evaluated Press Release Writing Services

The best press release writing services do all the writing for you so that your press release is in the right format and reads well, thus increasing acceptance by media outlets. By hiring a professional writer to handle your press release creation, you don’t have to invest time in research or editing and can focus on the distribution. To make this outsourcing worthwhile for small businesses, we analyzed the cost, features, and customer service of each of the above services to find the best one.

The specific criteria we used to determine the best include:

  • Cost – Companies offering press release writing services should offer services at a price that is affordable for small to medium-sized budgets.
  • Length  We looked at how many words are included in the press release writing and how additional words would increase the price.
  • Delivery Time  We considered the standard delivery time for the first draft of a press release, and if there were any rush services available.
  • Media Types – We looked at what media could be added to the press release, like images and embedded video, and how many were included in the base price.
  • Customer Service – We searched for services that offer stellar customer service so that it’s easy to work with them throughout the entire writing process.

Based on the criteria listed above, our pick for the top press release writing service is eReleases. eReleases will not only write your press release but also distribute it to the top social media outlets for you—all as part of the same package. They also offer unlimited revisions, giving you the chance to perfect your press release before it is distributed.

Best Overall Press Release Writing Service for Small Business: eReleases

eReleases is a leading press release writing and distribution service for businesses needing assistance with writing as well as distribution. They require you to buy this package together (unlike Content Development Pros, which offers these as separate services). This combined package at eReleases starts at $599, making it an affordable option for companies that want to use the same service for both the writing and distribution of their press release.

eReleases Pricing

The pricing for press release writing and distribution starts at $599 to write a 400-word press release. The next package is priced at $699, which includes writing a 500-word press release. The last option is $799, which includes a 600-word press release. Each of these options includes varying levels of press release distribution.

The lowest tiered option distributes to 75 media outlets. The next package offers 100 media outlets, and the highest priced option distributes to 150+ media outlets.

eReleases Features

eReleases has been doing public relations for many years, so they offer advanced features like professional writers, satisfaction guarantees, and a polished tone to your press release. Further, they offer distribution packages that ensure your press release is seen by the right media outlets and journalists.


eReleases press release writing services start at a length of 400 words and go to up to 600 words. Anything beyond 600 words would require special pricing and a phone call with eReleases customer service.

Delivery Time

eReleases provides the first draft of your press release within three business days. They do offer a rush service for an additional $150 that would deliver the first draft of your press release the next business day.

Media Types

eReleases will add up to two images or a single video in the body of your press release. You will need to upload the image and/or provide the link to the video during the ordering process, and these multimedia files will be embedded into your press release.

eReleases Customer Service

eReleases offers various ways to reach customer service, which include instant message or chat, email, and phone. They are very responsive and able to answer basic questions in just a few minutes. If your question or issue requires some additional time, they typically deliver a response within one business day.

What eReleases Is Missing

eReleases doesn’t offer a standalone press release writing service. They also charge for embedding more than two images or one video in your press release, and they require additional payment for doing a writing service faster than three business days. You can read more about eReleases in this article: eReleases User Reviews & Pricing

What Users Think About eReleases

Most reviews of eReleases were positive; one user said that his ordering experience was pleasant and smooth. However, a few users complained that the website was glitchy when filling out the forms needed to start a press release writing order and that pop-ups continue to appear on the website when you are placing an order.

Where to Find eReleases

You can start using eReleases services by going to eReleases’ PR Distribution page and choosing the package that fits your needs the best. Once you do this, you will be directed to a form that will allow you to start providing information about your press release.

Best for Custom Pricing: Rightly Written

Rightly Written is the best press release writing service for those that might need custom pricing for shorter press releases. You can have a press release written by Rightly Written that starts at 100 words and then add words in increments of 25 so that you are only paying for the words you actually need. Other writing services, like Content Development Pros, start their packages at 400 words minimum. If you are a business with quick-hit news or announcements and need fewer words than that, the custom pricing from Rightly Written might be a better fit for you.

Rightly Written Pricing

Rightly Written has an easy-to-use calculator to determine the final cost of your press release writing. It starts at a 100-word press release for $8 and then goes up $2 for every additional 25 words. This means that a typical 500-word press release will cost $40. Rightly Written also includes unlimited revisions for your press release.

Rightly Written Features

Rightly Written is a company that produces writing content of all types for businesses. They can offer features like experienced writers, unlimited revisions, and fast turnaround times.


Rightly Written press release writing services start at a length of 100 words for your press release, but they don’t place a limit on the maximum amount of words you can include in your press release. However, they do suggest keeping it between 500 and 800 words.

Delivery Time

Rightly Written’s standard writing service provides the first draft of your press release within nine business days. If you need to get it faster, they provide an express service for an additional $20, and for that, they will deliver your press release within three business days. Other services offer rush delivery, like eReleases, but at a much higher price.

Media Types

Rightly Written will add one image or a single video that will be embedded in the body of your press release. You will need to upload the media that you want to be embedded during the ordering process, and the writer will then embed the files into your press release.

Rightly Written Customer Service

Rightly Written customer service is helpful but takes a bit to respond. While the site has a chat box, it usually takes two to three hours to get a response. They also offer an email address to reach customer service, but it took about the same amount of time as the chat box to get a response. However, they take the time to answer your question in detail once they respond.

What Rightly Written Is Missing

Rightly Written doesn’t offer any press release distribution services. It also doesn’t allow you to have direct contact with your writer, other than through their platform, which can make adding any last minute details to your press release difficult.

What Users Think About Rightly Written

Most reviews of Rightly Written are positive. In fact, one user on Facebook said that they are his lifeline for getting press releases out on time and meeting his deadlines. But a few users complained that customer service takes a while to respond to simple questions, which can prolong the time it takes to get an order started or completed.

Where to Find Rightly Written

You can find Rightly Written by going to their Order Services page. From there, you select the type of content you want (in this case, a press release), the number of words you want your press release to be, and if you want standard turnaround time or express. After you’ve chosen all of that, you will start filling in the information about your press release and then complete your press release writing order.

Best for B2B Press Releases: Corp Writing

Corp Writing is a corporate press release writing service designed to reach others in a similar or complementary field. For example, if you are about to franchise a medical spa, you will want to have a corporate-specific press release written to attract those interested in franchising. Corp Writing has corporate-specific writers and is good for B2B businesses that need to write press releases with other companies or industry professionals as the intended audience.

Corp Writing Pricing

Corp Writing has a form that will calculate the cost of creating your press release. It calculates the price based on how many pages your press release will be. For a basic press release, the cost is $49 per page. This includes some keyword suggestions from your writer, and also includes unlimited revisions until you are pleased with your press release.

Corp Writing Features

Corp Writing provides writing services of all sorts for corporations. Because of that, they offer some unique features and services, such as professional corporate writers, unlimited revisions, keyword suggestions, and editing of a pre-written press release.


Corp Writing bases their pricing on the number of pages you will need your press release to be. Each page can be up to 800 words. They will write unlimited pages if you request, but they suggest you keep your press release under two pages.

Delivery Time

Corp Writing will provide the first draft of your press release within four business days. They do offer rush services if you choose to buy your press release writing in bulk, which means buying three or more press releases at a time. This is not available if you are only purchasing one press release.

Media Types

Corp Writing will include one image in your press release. You will need to specify the links you want to include when you submit your details in the order form. You will also need to upload the image you would like to include when you submit your details with your order.

Corp Writing Customer Service

Corp Writing’s telephone customer service answers quickly and is typically able to answer any questions you might have about their service. However, their email and chat customer service is very slow to respond, and you often need to go back and forth with them a few times to get the answers that you need.

What Corp Writing Is Missing

Corp Writing is missing any services that include press release distribution. Unlike Get a Copywriter or Rightly Written, Corp Writing doesn’t allow you to talk with or choose your writer. You will be able to submit revisions to your press release through their dashboard, but you don’t have direct contact with the writer.

What Users Think About Corp Writing

Corp Writing has mostly positive reviews, with one user saying that using Corp Writing allowed him to better manage his team’s time. A couple of users commented that customer service through email or chat seems to take a while to respond and often requires a few back and forth messages to get questions answered.

Where to Find Corp Writing

You can start working with Corp Writing by going to their press release writing page. You will need to enter your name, email address, and phone number. Then, you will be taken to a form to start providing the details of your press release.

Best for Selecting Your Press Release Writer: Get a Copywriter

Get a Copywriter is a press release writing service that pre-qualifies their writers, with prices starting at $37 for a 400-word press release. When you sign up, writers send you a press release writing pitch, allowing you to choose the best writer for your needs. Get a Copywriter is the best press release writing service for those who would like to look at writing samples from writers and receive proposals before selecting the one they want to work with.

Get a Copywriter Pricing

Get a Copywriter pricing starts at $37 for a 400-word press release. If you would like to select from the very best writers that Get a Copywriter has on staff, they also offer a premium service for $49, which includes a 400-word press release written by s top-notch writer. If your press release is a little longer, they offer a 600-word release for $54 with a standard writer or for $74 with a premium writer.

Get a Copywriter Features

Get a Copywriter offers a marketplace of experienced writers who can offer proposals on various writing projects, but they also have writers specifically for press releases. Get a Copywriter offers experienced writers, straightforward pricing, unlimited revisions, and three-day turnaround times.


Get a Copywriter offers writing services for 400- and 600-word press releases. They also offer a custom service if your press release might be longer or require more attention. These are based on your needs, and you need to contact the customer service team at Get a Copywriter to get custom quotes.

Delivery Time

Get a Copywriter has a regular turnaround time on all press releases of four business days. For those who purchase the premium package with a top-notch writer, they also have an expedited service that will deliver your press release in two business days.

Media Types

Get a Copywriter will add up to two images and one video to your press release, but they suggest using only one image. They embed these in your press release when they write it, but you will need to upload the images or share a link to the video that you want embedded during the ordering process.

Get a Copywriter Customer Service

Get a Copywriter’s customer service through email is helpful and quick. They typically respond to emails within two hours. However, the phone service requires a long wait and hold time. The chat service on their website can answer simple questions almost immediately, but nothing too detailed or complicated

Get a Copywriter Is Missing

Get a Copywriter only offers writing services. They don’t offer to edit previously written press releases nor do they have any distribution options. They also allow only three revisions on the press release after it is written.

What Users Think About Get a Copywriter

Reviews of Get a Copywriter are a little mixed. One user on Facebook said that they are his lifeline for getting press releases out on time and meeting his deadlines. But a few users complained that customer service takes a while to respond to simple questions, which can prolong the time it takes to get an order started or completed.

Where to Find Get a Copywriter

To find Get a Copywriter, you can visit their homepage. Under the form that says “Get a Copywriter who gets you,” select “press release” as your type of content. This will take you to an order form where you can start providing the details about your press release for your copywriter.

Best for Industry-specific Press Release Writers: Copify

Copify is a press release writing service with a database of writers who match with you based on the industry that you choose and their applicable experience. Prices start at $24 for a 400-word press release and they charge additional fees for longer press releases. Copify is best for businesses that need writers in their industry because they vet each writer based on background and experience.

Copify Pricing

Copify’s easy-to-use, drop-down menu will allow you to choose the service you need and then calculates the cost based on the length of your press release. Prices for a 400-word press release start at $24. For longer press releases, the pricing is $.06/word after 400 words. Bulk orders are available for orders of four or more press releases.

Copify Features

Copify offers services that include blog writing, business proposals, and press releases, all based on your specific industry. Since Copify has a database of writers, they offer some unique features such as premium writers, per-word pricing, editing services for a press release written in-house, and a dashboard to request revisions.


Copify doesn’t have a limit on the length of your press release, since they price by the word. This enables you to choose the length of the press release based on your budget or how long you want it to be. They do suggest, however, that you keep your press release to 800 words or fewer.

Delivery Time

Copify will provide the first draft of your press release on their dashboard within 48 business hours. They do not offer rush services unless you order in bulk and set a predetermined time frame for your press release.

Media Types

Copify suggests you include at least one image or one video in your press release, and they will add it for you. You can upload the images when you create your order, or you can upload them to your dashboard once your order is created.

Copify Customer Service

Copify offers quick and helpful customer service from their chat messages and also from emails. Their telephone customer service takes a bit to answer, but they were also helpful. In all cases, customer service didn’t require multiple interactions to get questions answered.

What Copify Is Missing

Copify is missing the ability to interview or talk with your writer prior to getting matched with them. They also don’t offer press release distribution services, and you will need to interact with your writer on their internal dashboard to request revisions to your press release.

What Users Think About Copify

Copify has good reviews on most sites. The only problem people seem to encounter is a mismatch regarding the experience of the writer who was matched with them, but Copify quickly corrects this and offers the customer a new writer. A few users commented that customer service over the phone was slow but still helpful.

Where to Find Copify

You can get started using Copify by going to their home page and clicking “Order services.” This will take you to menu page where you can select “Press release” as the type of writing service you need to purchase. Once you save that, you will be taken to a form in order to provide more information regarding your press release.

Best for Affordable Writing and Distribution: Content Development Pros

Content Development Pros is best for those needing budget-friendly press release writing and basic press release distribution. Content Development Pros offers a combined service for press release writing and basic distribution for $79.95, which is more inexpensive than eReleases. Further, Content Development Pros does not require you to purchase both services as a package. This is an ideal service for businesses that need an all-in-one solution for their press releases but don’t want to pay as much as eReleases charges.

Content Development Pros Pricing

Content Development Pros offers three service options. For press release writing only, they start at $49.95 for a 500-word release. The second option they offer is $79.95, which includes two different versions of a 500-word press release, written by two different writers. The last option is a 500-word press release along with basic online distribution to 50 major news outlets for $79.95.

Content Development Pros Features

Content Development Pros offers professional press release writing services that feature a 100%, no plagiarism guarantee, SEO-friendly press release content, and unlimited revisions.


Content Development Pros only offers writing for a press release that is 500 words long. They do offer two different versions if you would like to see the different ways a 500-word press release could be written. They also offer custom quotes if you need a different length.

Delivery Time

Content Development Pros writes your press release in two business days. They do offer a rush service for an additional $149.95; for this, they will deliver your press release in one business day. While this turn-around time is faster than Rightly Written, it is more expensive.

Media Types

Content Development Pros includes one media type, such as an image or a video, that will be embedded into your press release. You can upload whichever media type you choose when you order your press release.

Content Development Pros Customer Service

Content Development Pros’ customer service is slightly slow in responding. Though they have a contact form on their website, if you send a message via the form, it does say it might take a business day for them to respond. Their phone customer service is quick to answer, and can answer most basic questions. A custom quote will take some additional time—usually about a day to get back to you.

What Content Development Pros Is Missing

Content Development Pros is missing the ability to choose your writer, but they do offer multiple versions of your press release from different writers. You can interact with your writer through their online dashboard to request revisions or changes to your press release.

What Users Think About Content Development Pros

Content Development Pros has received mostly positive reviews. The biggest complaint is regarding their slow response time from customer service through their online portals like chat and email, and the expensive rush charge to get the press release back in one day.

Where to Find Content Development Pros

You can find Content Development Pros by going to their press release writing page and clicking “Order now.” Then you will need to choose which writing package you would like to purchase. After you’ve done that, you will need to complete the next form to finish providing the details of your press release.

Bottom Line: Press Release Writing Service

Press release writing services take on the task of writing a press release for businesses to help cut down on the time and research of writing a good press release. Press release writing services are used by businesses that want to write a press release, but don’t have the experience or the time to write it themselves.

After careful evaluation, we decided that eReleases is the best overall option for press release writing because they have professional writers with experience in writing press releases that are picked up by the media. Since they also do press release distribution, it prevents you from having to shop for each service individually. Click below for more information.