Real Geeks and BoomTown are real estate lead generation platforms with IDX, CRM, and agent management tools. Real Geeks vs. BoomTown start at $199 and $750/month, respectively; both prices increase based on the size of your agency. Overall, choose Real Geeks for small agencies and BoomTown for larger firms with more lead generation experience.

When to Use Real Geeks

Real Geeks IDX and CRM features cost substantially less than BoomTown and are user-friendly, so Real Geeks is perfect for small teams or individual real estate agents that need basic yet intuitive lead generation tools. Real Geeks is also a great fit for small teams that want to invest in PPC advertising. They offer a straightforward flat advertising fee, rather than a percentage of your budget.

When to Use BoomTown

BoomTown includes a variety of advanced tools in their packages for larger teams, making it a great option for large brokerages or agents already using lead generation software. It’s also a good fit for agents using limited PPC advertising because they only charge a percentage of your overall budget, rather than a flat rate.

Real Geeks vs. BoomTown at a Glance

Real GeeksBoomTown
Website & CRM Pricing$199/Month/1-2 Users
$25/Month/Additional User
$35/Month/Additional User
Onboarding Fee350Equal to Monthly Fee
Customizable, IDX-enabled Property Search Website
CRM + Lead Nurturing
Lead Assignment Tools
Online User Blogs & How-To Documents
Automated SMS Responders
Automated Email Drip & Autoresponders
Dialer IntegrationMojo DialerMojo Dialer
Home Valuation Lead Capture Website$50/MonthSeller Lead Suite Add-On ($250/Month)
Google PPC Advertising$550/Month + Ad Spend15% of Ad Spend 
($250 Minimum)
Facebook Marketing Tool$300+/Month + Ad SpendAdd-On
Customer SupportEmail & PhoneEmail, Phone, Chat

How We Evaluated Real Geeks vs. BoomTown

To compare Real Geeks vs. BoomTown, we evaluated each provider’s ability to capture and nurture leads to increase conversions. Specifically, we considered pricing, website creation, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, lead capture, CRM and lead nurturing, app integrations, and more.

The criteria we used to evaluate the providers include:

  • Pricing – In general, pricing for real estate lead generation and management tools varies based on how comprehensive the platforms are and how many agents you have on your team.
  • Customizable, IDX-enabled website – We compared customization options, design, and ease-of-use for each platform’s IDX-enabled websites for buyer lead generation.
  • Home valuation lead capture – Home valuation websites are a great way to capture leads for potential sellers by requesting a user’s address and contact information in exchange for property valuation and comps.
  • CRM and lead nurturing – Comprehensive real estate lead management platforms include a CRM tool to organize leads by location, search urgency, favorite properties, and more. These tools enable agents to target potential buyers and sellers and follow up with strategic emails and calls.
  • Integrated dialer – Both platforms are integrated with Mojo Dialer, which allows agents to export their leads into the dialing platform to contact potential buyers and sellers directly.
  • Additional features – Real estate lead management companies offer a variety of additional features like real estate valuation, social media marketing, and integration with other real estate tools.
  • Ease of use – We compared user reviews for each platform to evaluate how easy the IDX websites, CRM tools, and agent platforms are to navigate by real estate agents and potential buyers and sellers.
  • Customer support – We contacted customer support teams, evaluated online resources, and looked at user reviews to compare customer support for each provider.

We chose Real Geeks for real estate lead generation and management because of their customizable lead generation website, user-friendly agent dashboard, and integrated dialer. Plus, Real Geeks offers much lower prices than BoomTown, so it’s a great option for small real estate agencies or individuals wanting robust lead generation and management features for a lower monthly cost.

Real Geeks vs. BoomTown: Pricing & Features

Both Real Geeks and BoomTown offer lead generation websites, property valuation tools, a CRM, and agent management tools. However, Real Geeks offers comprehensive lead generation and management services starting at roughly a quarter of the cost of BoomTown. Real Geeks is the best option for small agencies that want comprehensive features at a low price.

Real Geeks Pricing

Real Geeks charges $199/month, plus $500 for onboarding for one to two agents; additional agents are $25 each. Real Geeks also charges $550/month to manage PPC accounts, rather than a percentage of ad spend, and $50/month to generate seller leads, making it best for agencies with large advertising budgets.

Real Geeks Features

Real Geeks offers customizable IDX websites, a CRM dashboard, and agent management tools designed to maximize conversion of buyer and seller leads. All agencies have access to the same features regardless of their size. However, smaller agencies will benefit most from the tools available on the platform because of the low cost and user-friendly tools.

Customizable IDX Website

Real Geeks makes IDX website creation easy by letting agents customize logos, headers, toolbars, feature images, and other content. This enables agencies to create unique user experiences for potential buyers without any knowledge of web design. In contrast to BoomTown’s IDX websites, potential buyers must create an account to view properties, ensuring that each lead is captured.

Home Valuation Lead Capture

For an additional $50/month, Real Geeks provides a home valuation website that encourages potential sellers to enter their address in exchange for a value estimate and local comps. When users enter an address, they’re directed to a pop-up requesting their contact information. Even if they choose not to enter their information, their address is still logged as a listing lead in the CRM. Plus, unlike BoomTown, Real Geeks offers instant valuations so sellers don’t have to wait.

CRM & Lead Nurturing

Once potential buyers or sellers enter information into the IDX website or home valuation tool, their information is synced with the CRM. The lead database lets agents filter leads based on user activity, correspondence, property location, and more. Agents can also see the properties viewed and favorited by leads and use that information to send targeted follow-ups and related searches.

However, unlike BoomTown, Real Geeks does not offer an app for managing leads on the go. If you’re looking for more information on how to choose a CRM, check out our guide to the best CRMs for small business.

Integrated Dialer

Real Geeks, like BoomTown, integrates with Mojo Dialer, a power dialer that saves agents time following up with leads. Unlike BoomTown, the Real Geeks-Mojo integration isn’t automated, so agents must manually move leads. However, when you complete a call in Mojo, an activity will automatically be recorded in the Real Geeks lead manager. BoomTown offers fully-automated integration with Mojo Dialer, but the feature is only part of their packages for larger teams.

Agent Management

The dashboard is designed to maximize conversions by assigning leads and re-assigning leads that aren’t addressed within a certain period of time. In addition to viewing upcoming and past-due lead follow-up, users can filter activity by agent to keep track of who is placing calls, when they’re calling, and more. Both Real Geeks and BoomTown assign leads round-robin, but BoomTown offers additional sales team models for lead assignment.

BoomTown Pricing

BoomTown offers four packages based on the size of your agency, with the entry-level package starting at $750 and options for larger agencies increasing to $1,150+ and $1,750+/month. You’ll also be charged an implementation fee equal to the monthly agency fee. For smaller agencies, BoomTown’s pricing structure is much higher than what Real Geek charges for comparable features.

BoomTown’s packages include:

  • Launch – $750 and $785/month for one or two agents, respectively.
  • Core – $1,150 and $1,185/month for three or four agents, respectively.
  • Grow – $1,750 to $1,925/month for five to ten agents; teams with five agents are charged $1,750 and each additional agent is $35/month.
  • Advance – Custom pricing for real estate firms with 11 or more agents, with pricing based on the number of agents on your team.

BoomTown also offers pay-per-click advertising for 15 percent of ad spend, with a $250 minimum. This is different from the Real Geeks PPC pricing structure, which includes a flat fee of $550/month plus ad spending. The BoomTown Seller Lead Suite costs an additional $250/month and includes home valuation tools and seller lead nurturing.

BoomTown Features

Number of AgentsJanuary 3, 2018March 5, 2018May 10, 201811+
IDX Website & Agent Subdomain(s)
Lead Qualification
NOW Mobile App
Agent Accountability Reporting
Round Robin Lead Distribution
Hot Sheet
Prescribed Smart-Drip Plans
Lead Matching
Pipeline Management
Seller Lead Suite
Networked Sites
Network Reporting


Launch is BoomTown’s entry-level package that starts at $750/month for one agent and increases to $785/month for two. The package is designed for solo agents or small teams and includes standard lead generation and management features like an IDX website and a CRM with agent accountability, reporting, and lead distribution. Launch also includes BoomTown’s smart-drip plans, which allow agents to send automated and lead-specific marketing materials.

Launch is much more expensive than the Real Geeks package for firms of the same size, and includes limited features rather than offering a lower price point for fewer agents. However, unlike Real Geeks, this package includes several methods of lead assignment, like agent on duty and round robin, and includes a mobile app so your agents can follow up with leads on a flexible schedule.


The Core package is a relatively new option from BoomTown that is suited to teams with three to five agents. Core’s starting price is $1,150 for three agents, and you can add additional agents for $35/month/agent. The option is more robust than Launch and serves up to five agents with tagging and segmentation, a reporting dashboard, pipeline management tools, and optional add-ons.

BoomTown’s Core package for small teams is more expensive than Real Geeks’ options for larger agencies. When comparing Real Geeks vs. BoomTown at this level, the major difference relates to how much you plan to spend on pay-per-click advertising. Stick with Real Geeks if you plan to have a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising budget of about $3,670 or more, which will make their flat monthly PPC fee favorable to BoomTown’s percentage fee.


BoomTown’s Grow package is suited to medium-size firms with five to ten agents and starts at $1,750/month. It also includes features like seller lead generation and automated dialing that can increase conversions and agent efficiency, making it a great option for larger brokerages.

This is BoomTown’s first pricing tier that includes integrations with third-party apps like Mojo Dialer and Zillow—something that comes standard for all Real Geeks users.

The pricing for this tier also covers BoomTown’s Seller Leads Suite, which includes a home valuation tool available through Real Geeks for just $50/month. However, this package is still expensive for smaller agencies or agencies that won’t benefit from BoomTown’s PPC pricing structure. If you want more robust lead generation and management features for your real estate business, Real Geeks is likely still a better option.


BoomTown’s Advance option is for real estate teams with 11 or more agents. To handle these more advanced teams, BoomTown offers additional features, including networked sites and network reporting. These tools allow you to connect multiple websites for multiple office locations and review them all in one place.

If you have a large brokerage, plan to use features like the property valuation tool, and if wish to integrate multiple offices, the Advance package may be the best option for your team. However, BoomTown is still substantially more expensive than Real Geeks—even for larger teams—so consider how much CRM functionality you need before choosing between Real Geeks vs. BoomTown.

Real Geeks vs. BoomTown: Ease of Use

Real Geeks and BoomTown feature easily customizable, IDX-enabled property search websites and user-friendly CRM tools with lead details, email and dialer capabilities, and more. However, user reviews reveal that Real Geeks is easier to use than BoomTown, making it the best fit for small agencies and agents with limited technical expertise.

Real Geeks Ease of Use

Real Geeks was designed by a real estate agent for use in his own firm, so it’s easy to customize your IDX websites and navigate the CRM even if you don’t have experience building websites. The Real Geeks platform also features a visually appealing agent dashboard that makes it easy to monitor leads and agent activity. Plus, Real Geeks lets agents create and save unique searches, so you don’t have to waste time looking for data you need regularly.

Screenshot of Real Geeks Agent Dashboard

BoomTown Ease of Use

In general, agents who use BoomTown find the platform easy to navigate. However, some agents have found that the platform features a strong IDX website for buyers, but the property valuation tools for sellers are more difficult to use. In addition, agents have reported that BoomTown offers so many features that it can be difficult to choose what tools to use and how to maximize them for your agency.

Screenshot of BoomTown Agent Dashboard

Real Geeks vs. BoomTown: Customer Service

We contacted Real Geeks and BoomTown customer service departments and looked at reviews to see how accessible and helpful they are in answering user questions. Both platforms offer email and telephone support, plus online resources. Ultimately, we found Real Geeks offers the highest level of customer service because of their support team and online resources.

Real Geeks Customer Service

Real Geeks offers customer service and support over the phone and through an online ticket submission system on its website, which provides helpful pricing information and a free demo. Current users find that the Real Geeks customer support team, Facebook community, and blog offer a ton of helpful resources, making Real Geeks the best option for agencies new to lead generation software.

BoomTown Customer Service

In addition to the phone and email support offered by Real Geeks, BoomTown offers a live chat feature through their website. In our experience, the messenger feature is extremely responsive. BoomTown also publishes a variety of videos and blog content to help users navigate the platform and build their business. However, some users report that customer service is difficult to contact and often fails to adequately answer questions.

Real Geeks vs. BoomTown: Customer Reviews

Real Geeks and BoomTown both have excellent reviews from users. In general, both providers offer robust IDX websites, CRM dashboards, and agent management tools. However, users have experienced differences in pricing, customization, ease of use, and general functionality between the platforms. Overall, Real Geeks users seem most pleased with the lead generation and management software.

Real Geeks Customer Reviews

In general, Real Geeks users love the platform because it is well-priced and extremely user-friendly. Current customers find online support tools to be helpful and consider the platform a great option for entry-level lead generation. In contrast, some user reviews mention that Real Geeks IDX websites are not very customizable and can appear outdated. For more information on what users think about Real Geeks, check out our Real Geeks review page.

BoomTown Customer Reviews

In general, BoomTown customers are most satisfied with how comprehensive its tools are and how many integrations it features. The most common complaint about the provider is that it is more expensive than other platforms like Real Geeks and is difficult to learn to use. Visit our review page for actual feedback from BoomTown users.

Bottom Line: BoomTown vs. Real Geeks

We found Real Geeks offers the best overall real estate lead generation services. Try Real Geeks if you want a user-friendly IDX website with high conversion rates, a robust CRM, and effective agent management at a low monthly price. You can generate leads, nurture relationships, and manage any size team for less than BoomTown.

Check out Real Geeks if you’re looking for a robust real estate lead generation and management provider at an accessible price point. They don’t offer a free trial, but you can see how the platform works with their informative demo.