There are two ways to add functionality to your Squarespace website: via plugins or integrations. Plugins are third-party tools added by pasting a code into your webpage. Integrations are built by Squarespace and are accessible via your Squarespace menu. We’ve included the top 17 of both below to help you make your site more dynamic.

Before you start exploring plugins, you need to create an account on Squarespace. It only takes a few minutes, and you get unlimited bandwidth and storage, a website builder, a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate for website security, and a free domain name—all for only $12/month.

Here are the top 17 Squarespace plugins/integrations for marketing, ecommerce, and blogging.

Squarespace Plugins & Integrations for Marketing

Squarespace’s plugins and integrations help you to further your online marketing goals. These include tools for email capture, form building, analytics, design, and more. Consider these options if you’re searching for more effective ways to market to new and existing customers.

1. Google Maps

Price: Free
Standout features: Website map, multiple store location view, and map view layering

Google Map Squarespace integration preview

The Google Maps integration offers a customizable map for displaying your company’s location and contact information to help guide people to your store. You can add more than one location if you have more than one store. You can also customize the map by choosing from unlimited color schemes; layering maps with points of interest like parks, businesses, and government buildings); adding bike, traffic, and transit routes; and adjusting size, height, and width.

2. Google Analytics

Price: Free
Standout feature: Website analytics

Google Analytics report example

Google Analytics is a free platform for understanding how website visitors interact with your website content and what the demographic makeup of those visitors is. You can use these insights to learn what content is or is not resonating well with them, then make changes to keep them on your site.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Price: Free
Standout feature: Simplified mobile web page code

AMP template example

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) creates a mobile version of your website that is stripped of the excess coding that slows down your site. The result is an almost instant mobile website load time. Website owners benefit from this because faster load times reduce the number of people who get frustrated waiting for a site to load and navigate elsewhere before making a purchase or reading your content. AMP also simplifies your website design on mobile devices so that your content is easier to find and read.

4. Form Builder

Price: Free
Standout features: Customizable forms and form thank you pages

Squarespace form builder

The Squarespace Form Builder plugin allows you to build forms for all of your website engagement needs. Using an easy navigation menu, you can create a survey, feedback, rating request, get in touch, booking, and other customizable forms. It comes with five predefined styles for form fields, editable submit buttons, the ability to add a thank you page to your form, and custom field widths as well as floating, box, and default rectangle forms.

5. Mailchimp

Price: Free to $10 for entry to mid-tier plans
Standout features: Email marketing capabilities

Mailchimp email signup landing page example

Mailchimp is email marketing software. Once you sign up for Mailchimp, the plugin allows you to add sign-up forms to your website. Use it to capture people’s contact information via newsletter sign-up forms, pop-ups, landing pages, and checkout fields. In the forms, you can ask website visitors questions like their demographics and interests. Using this information, you can send emails that align with people’s unique characteristics and preferences.

6. Banner Gradient

Price: $15
Standout features: Color gradient image overlays, unlimited color options, gradient templates, opacity adjustment, and gradient-angle adjustment

Banner gradient Squarespace plugin

The Banner Gradient plugin adds a gradient overlay over your images. Customize your gradient overlay by choosing two colors from an unlimited color palette. You can further customize the gradient effect by adjusting the opacity and gradient angle via a sliding toggle button. It also offers 74 templates if you prefer not to spend a lot of time adjusting settings.

7. Classic Accordion

Price: $20
Standout features: Accordion-style text blocks

Classic Accordion Squarespace plugin example

The Classic Accordion plugin allows you to create text blocks that unfold below a headline in an accordion fashion when people click on the text. You can use it to offer more product information or a description of a portfolio inclusion. It works particularly well for a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. People can click on questions, and the answer will unfold beneath.

Squarespace Plugins & Integrations for eCommerce

Squarespace’s ecommerce plugins and integrations allow you to accept and track payments via your small business website. You can create exclusive online shops, showcase service plan pricing and features, and create a sense of urgency around products and promotions to prompt people to buy.

8. Countdown Timer

Price: Free
Standout features: Countdown timers for sales and countdown holiday bars

The Countdown Timer offers you a chance to create a sense of urgency around your ecommerce products so people will be more eager to buy it quickly. Add a sale countdown or a stock countdown to indicate that your offer has a time limit. During peak holiday seasons, create a sense of urgency around your holiday specials with a countdown bar. Choose predesigned countdown bars named after the season they’re best used for—like Easter or Christmas.

9. Stripe

Price: 2.9% + 30 cents per successful card charge
Standout features: Payment processing and robust security

Stripe payment processing example

Stripe is a payment processor with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Service Provider Level 1 security—the highest level of payment processing security covering up to 300,000 credit card transactions annually. It supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards. Customers can also check out using Apple Pay, and it processes all discounts, taxes, and any other costs you need to add for ancillary charges like tax and service fees.

10. SentryLogin

Price: $4.95
Standout features: Website password protection, payment tracking, sign-up confirmation emails, and customized sign-up and log-in forms

SentryLogin preview image

SentryLogin creates members-only, password-protected website pages or page sections. You can customize member login or sign-up forms to match website colors and add custom form fields using your website’s customization menu or drag-and-drop builder. This integration also tracks payments on ecommerce sites, sends you emails when people sign up, sends new member confirmation emails, and can send people to landing pages after they’ve signed up or signed into your site.

11. Pricing Table

Price: Free to $5 for entry to mid-tier plans
Standout features: Pricing tables, unlimited colors, and hover hint boxes

Pricing Table

This Pricing Table offers fully customizable pricing tables. You can add descriptions of offers with hint boxes that pop up with more information, pictures of each offer, and a custom call-to-action (CTA) button with unlimited color options. You can use unlimited colors on the full pricing table too as well as a grid, column, or table layout. Finally, “featured” pricing options can be highlighted via a ribbon placed at the top of the featured pricing plan to draw visitors’ eyes to it.

12. Xero

Price: $9/month to $60/month for entry to mid-tier plans
Standout features: Small business accounting software, invoicing, financial reporting, online bill pay, inventory tracking, project expense tracking, sales quotes, and payment processing

Xero dashboard example

Xero is accounting software for online stores. It offers daily reports of ecommerce transactions via email. You can also use it to invoice clients, track inventory, do payroll, store your expense receipts, track project expenses, offer sales quotes to clients, and accept payments from payment services like Stripe. Xero offers business dashboards to help you track these things so you can understand your business’s current liabilities, debt, and profits.

Squarespace Plugins & Integrations for Blogging & Portfolios

Squarespace’s online blogging and portfolio plugins and integrations allow users to create rich content that users can engage with via forums and comments easily. Some of these tools are designed to showcase content in an attractive, user-friendly way, while others are designed to promote engagement.

13. Disqus

Price: Free to $9 for entry-level plans
Standout features: Blog commenting system and video & image commenting functionality

Disqus commenting system example

Disqus is an advanced blog commenting system that allows visitors to use commenting threads, add image and video comments, and up-vote and down-vote content. Analytics allow you to see how many times people read your blog posts, and how many people read, reply, and vote on comments. Disqus also uses machine learning to detect spam content and remove it before it ever appears on your website.

14. Muut

Price: $16/month
Standout features: Forums; blog, gallery, and news commenting; and private website messaging

Muut Website Forum Example

Muut allows you to add forums; blog, gallery, and news commenting; and private messaging to your website, creating a website community for visitors. You can customize the look of your community pages using a left-side customization panel. Change colors, fonts, text sizes, and images, and add your own logo. Enjoy unlimited user counts without having to upgrade to a premium plan.

15. Facebook Comments

Price: $24
Standout features: Blog commenting using a Facebook account login

Facebook comments example

The Facebook Comments plugin allows people to comment on your website blogs, but only when logged into their Facebook accounts. By requiring a Facebook login, website owners cut down on spam and trolling comments. Commenters get Facebook notifications of comment replies. You can customize the commenting section by limiting the number of comments on each post; choosing newest, oldest, and top comment ordering; and selecting a light or dark color scheme.

16. Slide Up Summary Cards

Price: $30
Standout features: Summary cards, slide-up overlay, CTA buttons, unlimited color options, and customizable card borders

Slide Up Summary Card Squarespace plugin

The Slide Up Summary Cards plugin allows you to add grid-style image cards to your webpages to showcase products, blogs, and events. You can add a CTA button or link that slides up when people hover over the card; these drive people to other webpages like sales or portfolio pages. The plugin offers unlimited background colors for the slide-up overlay, as well as fully customizable borders and CTA text.

17. Lightbox Anything

Price: $50
Standout features: Pop-up lightbox

Lighthouse Anything plugin

The Lightbox Anything plugin allows you to create a pop-up box by adding links to images or other website elements. When people click on your chosen element, the box pops up. Box sizes range from the size of a paragraph text box to one that takes up the entire screen. You can change lightbox background colors (with unlimited color options), the border radius, and the “close” icon. Use a lightbox to display product size charts, descriptions, zoomed-in images, and other useful information.

“Every business is unique and has its own specific workflows. Squarespace plugins are great tools for adding that specific functionality to your website without the need for an engineer or designer, to help you optimize for a range of tasks ranging from lead capture to engagement and customer support. When choosing a plugin, it’s important to ensure that you can completely customize it to match the look and feel of your website and make sure that it’s optimized for all browsing devices.”
―Emilie Murphy, Product Marketing Manager, POWr

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you build a website with Squarespace?

Building a site on Squarespace is easy. Visit, click on “Get Started” in the upper-right of the screen, and select a template. Then, add in your account information, select a domain name, and complete registration. Within a few minutes, you will have your new account set up. For more guidance, read our article on building a site with Squarespace.

How do I get free Squarespace templates?

Squarespace offers dozens of free, customizable templates for customers, categorized on its website by category or use case. All of these templates can be updated using the integrations and plugins mentioned above. For more information, read our article on the top free Squarespace templates.

What are the best alternatives to Squarespace?

While Squarespace is known to be an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop site builder, there are others available that are also intuitive. Wix and Weebly are both all-in-one web hosts and site builders worth considering, and WordPress offers several third-party site building plugins that make creating your own site easy. Learn more in our article on the best website builders.

You can also read our article comparing Squarespace and Wix to see the difference between two popular drag-and-drop editors.

Is Squarespace good for ecommerce sites?

Squarespace can be used for ecommerce sites, although it isn’t explicitly designed to handle them. There are other platforms and tools specifically designed for creating online stores, however, including WooCommerce and Shopify.

What are the top website design tips?

Every business will have different website needs, but to ensure you’re creating an appealing user experience, pick a good business theme, make your branding prominent, ensure that your site isn’t cluttered with content, and make your messaging clear. For more guidance, read our article on the top website design ideas.

Bottom Line―Squarespace Plugins & Integrations

Squarespace plugins and integrations allow you to expand your website features via Squarespace-built and third-party tools. These add-ons include form builders, shopping carts, design customization tools, and more. Many of them are available for free, allowing budget-strapped small business owners to build out their site for no additional cost.

Before you can use Squarespace plugins and integrations, however, you must first purchase a Squarespace web hosting plan. For only $12 per month, you can enjoy unlimited Squarespace web storage and bandwidth, a website builder, and a free domain name.